Lightning in A Bottle 2018- My Psychedelic Experience Part 2

June 12, 2018 2

Please press play to listen to the audio below…


Adventure Time, Round 2…


Join me in two weeks as I take on Day 2 of Lightning in a Bottle 2018. You won’t even believe what happens next… #tracytreks



P.S. Click on the highlighted word LSD here to link to a Youtube video that I found to be very informative. By the way, I’m not writing this blog to promote LSD at all, this was just to share my first experience with it. Would I ever do it again? It’s definitely not something I would initiate to do BUT, if my friends and I were out in nature in a controlled environment and we were all going to experience it together for purpose of healing or growing our minds… I probably would. But definitely this is not something I want to do just to party. I appreciate these experiments more for the true purpose of healing and growth.

NOTE: Lightning in A Bottle is NOT responsible for any experimentation with drugs nor do they provide it. It was solely my choice and I assume all responsibility for my actions.

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