Living in the Present Moment, Ceremony 3

January 16, 2018 2


The afternoon of the third ceremony, the Artesanias came to present their amazing artwork. I bought a few beautiful icaros blankets, some bracelets and little knick knacks.  


After that, I had an energy work session with Nimea Ariana (facilitator). What is this you might ask? Energy work is fundamentally a form of self-healing. The energy healer, in this case Nimea Ariana, is a conduit for Source Energy, also known as Spirit or the Divine. She used the power of intention, along with her training and experience to channel energy where it is needed to help integrate my mind-body-spirit. I really didn’t know what to expect since this was my very first time having energy work done, but WOW, what a major breakthrough I had. All I did was lay there. When she put her hands on my head, she was able to feel and read my energy. The only thing I really told her was my intention for the third ceremony. I was asking for a confirmation on which path I should choose, career wise. Do I stay working as a dental hygienist or do I quit my job to teach yoga full-time? Nimea Ariana advised me to follow my heart because the reality of it is that we only have this one life to live! Be in the present moment always because that’s all that truly matters. She also mentioned that traveling is a big part of my life without me even saying a word. I thought to myself why can’t I teach yoga AND travel the world? At that moment, I was reminded of a thought I had from the past. I remembered when I first started teaching yoga, I was contemplating… How cool would that be if I could just travel around the world and teach yoga?? Right then it all just clicked! Why can’t I?! What’s holding me back? Nimea Ariana then asked, “What’s the FEAR?”

In that very moment, my mom came to mind because I knew that I didn’t want to make her sad or feel disappointed in any way. I feel like it’s MY duty to make her proud and happy. Nimea Ariana responded but what if I found true, complete happiness in following my dreams? Parents just want the best for their children so if my mom saw that I was genuinely happy, she would most likely be happy WITH me. After I heard that, I began to cry, wondering how it could be true. I realized that when I get home, I just have to sit down with my mom and have an open and honest conversation about all of this. 

My magical friend Nimea Ariana and Me

The last thing that I mentioned was finding love in a life partner. Nimea Ariana told me to just sit and tell her how I felt about my surroundings and the emotions that arose while I was in there. So I closed my eyes and began to focus on my breath. I took each breath with clear intent, mindfully breathing in through my nose and then exhaling out through my mouth. Breath in… and out, in… and out, in… and out. When my mind was finally able to drown out all of my thoughts and I tuned in to the present moment, I began by telling her how much I loved being there. Hearing all of the unique sounds from the wildlife that was around me, I felt so at PEACE. I was in my happy place and I knew that probably nothing could phase me. Nimea Ariana directed me to listen very carefully to what I just said. She emphasized that when I’m able to live in my present moment, I always love being exactly where I’m at. Ding! Ding! Ding! That was just it! I just LOVE life! I’m already IN LOVE so why do I keep looking for it elsewhere?! I shouldn’t depend on love from another, it comes from within, and it’s always there because it’s within ME!! WOW, major Ah-Ha moment right there because it all hit me… I just need to keep being me, and continue living life in the present as I have been because that’s where I’m constantly IN LOVE. BOOM, the end. 

The energy work session literally confirmed EVERYTHING! I’m so excited for tonight’s journey with Mother Aya. This knowledge about love and life was in me all along, Nimea Ariana just helped pull it out of me and made me realize it. She was truly MAGICAL!!! <3 

Going into the third ceremony I had no expectations because I was still so “high” from what I got out of my energy work from the afternoon. I came in with an open heart and Mother Aya took it really easy on me. I had the beautiful visuals per usual but when it was time to focus my attention on the message for that evening, Mother Aya told me that there was NO MESSAGE. Just be in the moment, enjoy the ride, and everything will fall into place… Of course my ceremony would confirm my energy work session. LOL! Mother Aya always gives you what you need, not what you want. So I embraced my blissful state and just let it be. I felt so much gratitude. Thank YOU! <3

Join me next week as I tell you about my last and final ayahuasca ceremony. It’s going to be a huge celebration you don’t want to miss out on! 


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