Gaa by Chef Garima Arora in Bangkok, Thailand

March 6, 2018 0

For all you foodies out there, this blog post is for you!

I was recently in Bangkok, Thailand to visit my friend Drew. He wanted to show me a great dining experience as he always does when we get together, so he decided to take me to Gaa by Chef Garima Arora (If you have a chance to read her story, she’s a total #girlboss). I hadn’t heard anything about this restaurant since Gaggan has always been the #1 talked about restaurant in Bangkok but when I found out that she was the late sous chef for Gaggan, well I was definitely intrigued. Either way, I was excited to check it out because it’s always an adventure and good food with Drew!

First things first, obviously, be sure you make reservations! Also, come hungry because you can choose from either a 12 course or 14 course pre-fixe meal. We opted for the 14-course and Drew also added on the option to have an additional dish which was the Royal Project Sturgeon Caviar (He’s fancy. haha). I’m never one to order caviar but hey, this was a unique dining experience so why not try it here?

I will start with the dishes in order from the beginning to the end…

As you will see, every single dish is presented so uniquely. What I loved most about Chef Garima Arora’s menu is that she uses these familiar ingredients but puts a special twist on them. For me, when I took a bite of a certain dish, just by reading the ingredients, I expected a specific flavor but instead I got a burst of something completely different. It was truly amazinggg!! I LOVED almost every single dish.


My least favorite was the chocolate betal leaf. It was kind of unfortunate that it was the last dish because when I eat I like to save the best for last. Lucky for Drew, he waited for my reaction for the last dish and when I told him it was just okay, he didn’t even eat it because he wanted his last bite to be the ice cream. HaHa

My favorite dish of the night, though may seem the most simple was… the corn!!! I don’t understand how she grills the corn on the inside yet the leaves of the corn stay intact… MIND BLOWN!

What an unforgettable dining experience Gaa was! If you’re ever in Bangkok, I HIGHLY recommend eating here, you won’t be sorry!

Chilled soup of Mango, Pumpkin, and Pickles

Savoury Betal Leaf

Duck & Pickles

Grilled Potato Mochi

Chicken liver, longan


Cow’s Milk Tofu, Grilled Leaves of Mustard and Pakchi Farang

Local Wild Strawberries and Royal Project Sturgeon Carviar with Hor Wor Oil (700 baht)

Crayfish, Khakhra

Cauliflower, Caramelized Whey, Crab

Khanom-La, grouper

Pork Rib

Lam Keema Pao, Homemade Butter

Purple Sweet Potato & Coconut Whipped Cream

Burnt Coconut Sugar Ice Cream, Organic Red Rice Cone, Pork Floss

Chocolate Betal Leaf

Thanks Drew, for another unforgettable dining experience. You’re the best!!! P.S. Ladies, he’s still single!!!
















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