Explore Yoga with TracyTreks

I was first introduced to yoga in 2013 and it was truly love at first “Namaste.” I was awakened by the way yoga spoke to me. Not only was it the physical aspect of the practice, but my spirituality began to elevate and I became more grounded with the world. Yoga has made such a positive impact in my life that I want to share and spread this energy to everyone I meet.


Below is a preview of what a yoga class looks like with me… Fun, energizing, motivating, inspiring, and did I mention FUN?? 🙂


This specific Yoga & Sculpt class is practiced with the intention to boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass, all the while moving to upbeat tracks. For those of you who are lovers to the more high-intensity workout routine, this class may be perfect for you! I always refer to it as the best kind of transition for those reluctant to practice yoga thinking that all yoga is, is “just” stretching… Well, that’s definitely not the case here! I combine free weights, mixed with strength-training moves, sequenced with a yoga flow and add cardiovascular exercises to make it an all around workout for your body as well as your mind! In addition to this Yoga & Sculpt class, I also specialize in teaching VINYASA YOGA to CORPORATE BUSINESSESPRIVATE, SEMI-PRIVATE, and/or for GROUP EVENTS, all over Orange County and Los Angeles areas.


Teaching yoga for a company for their “Love yourself” month!


Teaching yoga at a retreat in Peru!


My teaching focuses on ways to develop strength, enhance flexibility, improve balance, develop mindfulness, and most specifically bring inner peace and harmony to your whole being. In addition to yoga being one of my true passions, I love traveling as well. So you can find me adventuring around the globe, taking yoga classes anywhere and everywhere I can to develop different techniques from around the world. Schedule a class with me and get a taste of yoga from all walks of life. Namaste! <3