Life Coaching

You “feel” like you have it all. The career, the car, the clothes, the lifestyle, but why do you still feel like there’s a huge void in your heart? You can’t really point your finger on it but you’re yearning for something more. Why do you keep thinking there has to be more to this life? Are you ready to find that missing factor????

Well, I’m so glad you found me, because I have been here, waiting for YOU! You’re here for more than this and you know it! And I’m here to tell you that I will support and help you create a life you wake up every single morning excited to LIVE!

When you start coaching with me, I’ll take you deeper than you’ve ever been before. We’ll explore the depths of your soul and figure out the blockages that have been holding you back from a life that your heart truly desires. You’ll experience how its like to let your heart be your guide. And as you begin to open up and really allow yourself to feel, you will feel how amazing it is to finally be able to live in your truth, and not have to be ashamed of who you really are. You will stand as your strong, beautiful, fallible, authentic, gorgeous self, and there won’t be a need to ever go back to your old ways. When this transformation takes place, not only will you have the confidence to conquer everything you put your mind to, you will be the BEST version of yourself you have ever known. And as a result, you become a love magnet. A magnet to all things of love, and the life you truly desire will finally be in your grasp!

Below you will find the 3 different packages that I offer for my coaching programs. Please take a moment to look at the options to schedule your free discovery session with me.


12 Sessions- Introductory Package

>12 Weekly Meetings, One-hour sessions

Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities. To truly improve our reality, it’s going to take time to create new positive habits and/or break bad ones.

With this introductory package, you’ll get 12 private weekly meetings along with one private yoga session per month, where we’ll work together to help you level-up in your life. You’ll uncover your strengths and how to embrace them, and you’ll also reveal your fears, why you have them, and how to overcome them to take intentional action toward being your best self.

What’s Included:

*12 one-hour, one-on-one meetings

*3 private yoga sessions

*Get unlimited email access with me throughout the course

*Powerful homework assignments

18 Sessions- Breakthrough Package 

>18 Weekly Meetings, One-hour sessions

Studies have shown that clients who commit a minimum of 14 hours of coaching show significantly higher achievement of their goals as well as a new found zest for life.

This popular breakthrough package is designed for targeted work around a specific issue or question you’re trying to resolve. Over 18 private weekly sessions and one individualized private yoga session per month, we will work together to create sustainable changes in your life that will become your foundation as you reinvent your entire life.

What’s included:

*18 one-hour, one-on-one meetings

*4 private yoga sessions

*Get unlimited texting with me throughout the course

*Get unlimited emailing with me throughout the course

*Powerful homework assignments

24 Sessions- Living My Best Life Package 

>24 Weekly Meetings, One-hour sessions

When you want massive changes in your life, you need to be massively supported to take massive action.

This 6 month program is designed to push you beyond your limits and take you deeper and farther than you could have ever imagined. Not only will you create momentum, you will be able to keep the focused mindset to make monumental changes in your life. Together, we will design a crystal clear path to living a life you absolutely LOVE.

What’s included:

*24 one hour, one-on-one meetings

*6 private yoga sessions

*Get unlimited texting with me throughout the course

*Get unlimited emailing with me throughout the course

*Powerful homework assignments

***By completing any of these packages, you will be entered to win a free ticket for a weekend retreat with Good Mana, exclusively just for coaching clients.***

This is your ONE shot at life. It’s time to invest in yourself, and invest in your life…

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