My Story

Hey y’all! I’m Tracytreks and I’m here to help young professionals create a life they love and a life they’re truly excited to live.

How did I even get here? Well, it all started a few years back when I was in my early 30’s and I was at a stage in my life where I felt completely STUCK. I was in a relationship that I knew had already taken its course yet I stayed in it for the pure fact that it was comfortable. I had a good career that gave me stability yet there was no excitement and no room for me to grow. The only thing I had going to keep my sanity was my practice and love for yoga. Yoga was always there for me. On good days and especially on bad days, it gave me the gift of gratitude for the present moment. And when I was able to share my passion for it with those around me, it made me feel truly ALIVE. But for some reason, even then, I felt deep down that I wanted more and that something was still missing. On the outside, life might have looked perfect and dandy, but it was hardly that. Day in and day out, I grew tired of the same old routine. On the weekdays, I would wake up, practice or teach yoga, go to work, go home, go to sleep, just to wake up the next day to repeat. And on the weekends, I would eat at the same restaurants, drink at same bars, and party at all the same clubs; it was a continuous cycle, the same thing over and over again. It felt like I was living just to exist, and my life had reached a plateau. It was flat, dry, and super predictable. I felt like I was constantly waiting for the next break, next event, waiting for the next adventure which I knew would be just like the last. Traveling just to take a picture, to post it on instagram, to show off that I did it. To brag to friends and people I hardly even knew that I had this “amazing” life. And for what? For a “like,” for approval from people I didn’t even really talk to, and for that instant dopamine kick which temporarily lasted until the next post? What was my REAL purpose? I didn’t know what I was truly put on this Earth for and it was slowly killing me inside.

Was I really put on this Earth just to enjoy myself, have this human experience, and then die? How was I going to leave my mark on this world? Could I at least leave it a better place than when I got here?

And then one day, it hit me! I began to get really REAL with myself and asked, How do I want to be remembered? What was I TRULY passionate about? And what would fill my heart with joy? All of a sudden, it was as if the clouds started to slowly drift apart and the sun gleamed brightly through, as it blinded my eyes and greeted me with my answer… My life’s mission is to help individuals like myself figure out a way to get UNSTUCK. Truly live with a purpose! Not to just live by what society has deemed to be “normal”: go to school, find a job, get married, and have kids, but to really LIVE on our own terms. To enjoy this ONE chance we get at life, to really SHINE and be who we’re meant to be! Susan B. Anthony, the woman who fought for women’s voting rights, Martin Luther King, Jr., who never backed down in his stand against racism and fought for equality and justice for all people, Oprah Winfrey, the first African American media mogul and billionaire, yup I said BILLIONAIRE, and Ellen Degeneres, who has been a pure role model and staunch advocate for LGBT rights who proves that it doesn’t matter who or what you love, love is just love and that’s all that should matter! All of these individuals… straight BOSSES, have trail-blazed the way so that I can have the opportunity to be anything and everything I want to be!

So that’s why I’m here, to help people like YOU, live a life where you wake up each morning jumping out of your bed excited to take on each day. No matter your age, race, gender, or sexual orientation, it’s never too late or too early to find your dream job, face your insecurities, stand proud of who you are, live with a purpose, explore the world, and be in a relationship that inspires and fulfills your every desire. You’re put on this Earth to be so much more, and you know it!

So if you’ve been stuck but you’re ready to make exciting and significant changes in your life, click HERE to schedule your free discovery call to see how I can help! I know what it feels like to be where you’re at and I’m here to tell you that you WILL get through it… Together, let’s create a life you’ve always dreamed of. YOU deserve it! We all do! <3